Live issues page?

Is there anywhere to check live issues?

Yesterday I rode 25 laps of the volcano and didn’t get and achievements or additional xp?

Having looked into it, this seems to be a problem for some time.

It would have been nice to know there was an issue before attempting the challenges.

What’s the point in having badges/achievements if they can’t be earned?

there’s this:

is that what you’re looking for?

Yeah something like that… but maybe one that mentions live bugs.

For example the volcano lap achievements cant be completed at the minute. Zwift are aware of the issue but there is nothing in place to notify users.

We could create a thread that just list the current bugs and it could be Pinned so it is more visible.

That would be useful. You could add the date it was first reported so we can see how long it takes Zwift to resolve issues.


I can’t find the post in any searches, but I recall seeing recently that the lap counter for the Volcano Circuit has been disabled during the Tour of Watopia. It may be that disabling the lap counter had the unintended consequence of also disabling the associated achievements.

Zwift could be more transparent in this regard.

Edit -
I found the post:


These status pages are typically useless. It takes a massive outage before one typically sees those updated to reflect an issue. In a previous job, we would be too busy resolving the issue to actually update or acknowledge there was an ongoing issue. Example: Only yesterday, Apple was having issues w/the App store, iMessage, and Facetime. Oddly, it appeared to only affect my iPhone while Macbook was fine. I confirmed this problem was not limited to me but to others on multiple continents and in multiple countries. Checking Apple status page… all green!

Maybe this:

Unfortunately, that is not updated often enough. For example, you will not find mention of the Volcano Circuit lap counter and related achievement issue.

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