Achievement doesn’t show and XP points wasn’t added

Dear Support,

I have finished the 25 lap challenge of the volcano but my achievement doesn’t show on Zwift. I can see it on Companion but not on Zwift. Also, I didn’t get the XP for finishing the challenge.

During the last 30minutes or so suddenly everybody disappeared from the map. My internet connection was solid and it happened before but that time things went back to normal in less than 10 seconds. This time I rode on by myself for the last 30 minutes.

I’ve attached pictures to this message. The first one shows when I received the achievement in game and that my level went from level 8 to level 9and 1/4.

The second picture shows that all achievement is on Companion but on the third one the experience is still at level 8.

Could you please look into this issue? I would highly appreciate it.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Seems you did have a connection issue of some type, either your internet connection or an issue with your ISP.

If you were by yourself at the end then you were not connected to the Zwift servers, so your activity would not have been uploaded to the Zwift servers.

At this time I don’t think there is a way to retroactively award Achievements or XP. I know there is no way to upload activity to the Zwift servers (not even Zwift Support can do that).

I was using the same wifi on another device throughout the whole ride and had no problem doing so.

Finishing this challenge was a pretty tough thing to do. I have the proof that I did it, there must be something that support/admins can do. The achievement itself shows on Companion.

Riding alone within Zwift is a clear indication that you were not connected to the Zwift Servers. You may have had no issues with other sites, but you were having issues connecting to Zwift.

I really don’t think there is anything Zwift Support can do. As far as I know they can only retroactively award Drops, but they cannot do that for XP, Levels or Achievements.

If something like this happens in the future and I’d like to get my achievement, xp and level changes but it doesn’t seem like I can join Zwift Server (I’m on my own on the map), what can I do to still get the rewards for what I’ve achieved?

Is there any way to force my computer to join the server if it doesn’t do it on its own? Or contact someone? Please let me know, in case it happens again.

I don’t ride this far every day so this is a big thing for me and being disappointed is not a good feeling.

Try restarting your router, modem and device that is running Zwift. It still could be your ISP having routing issues or blocking certain ports that Zwift needs.

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Thanks for your help.

All the best Paul!

Just wondering, have you logged into Zwift since this occurred?
I’m wondering if you will be level 8 or 9 when you log in.

Yes, I did. Both Zwift and Companion shows that I’m level 8.

That’s a gut punch.
I had a similar situation when I was getting the Tron bike 3 years ago.
Now it’s just another 100 K!

Ride On

It happens. It’s not a good feeling but I’ll do it again in the future for sure. Now I know that I can do it indoors as well.
Physically I’m fit because I’m running all kinds of ultramarathons but the pains during those runs are nothing compare to what my butt experienced today :smile: