Activity uploaded to myzwift, but stats&achievements not counted

hello everyone, im new to zwift and am really enjoying it so far. yesterday i did the volcano climb route, got the achievement on the end for completing the route. the ride is shown in my feed on myzwift
the problem is the KM were not added to my overall stats and my achievements are not shown in the achievement list.
i did this on apple TV with no connection issues. you can see the ride in my feed, including the achievements on myzwift. i tried to post a link but the board does not allow me to

after the tour it showed the correct overall km and altitude on the apple tv zwift app’s main menu, but after restarting the apple tv app later it was back to the amount which i had before the ride.
i understand that there are sometimes problems with saving activities, but i dont understand that the activity was uploaded to myzwift, but not added to the stats.
not a native speaker, i hope you can understand me. any kind of help is appreciated!