Workout not in my stats (on the app)


I did at workout today. (25 rounds on the volcano, so quit a big deal for me :slight_smile: ) After I finished I can se the workout, on But when I log-in ( through the app) the workout is nok included in my stats.

What can I do to get the workout count in the app ?

Can you let us know which app you’re referring to? There’s the Zwift game and Zwift Mobile Link, both of which are different. Thanks!

Both the Zwift Mobile Link and the Zwift game does not include my workout today, in the stats. And the achievements I’ve “earned” is not added to my profile. ( 10 and 25 rounds on the volcano, completed the Everest challenge and entered level 12)

If I log in to the workout is shown under “Activities” but is not added under the main / top image (where I can see how many pizzas I’ve burned during workout.)

I’ve added a picture to illustrate the problem. The first activity ( 109 KM ) is the one that’s not added to the stats on top

I hope this clarifies my problem, otherwise don’t hesitate to write again.

Thanks for your help and time


We had a look, and this is the same problem as one we’re still investigating. You can follow the post for updates as we work on this.