Workout not in my stats (on the app)

(. It Tempo Gigante) #1


I did at workout today. (25 rounds on the volcano, so quit a big deal for me :slight_smile: ) After I finished I can se the workout, on But when I log-in ( through the app) the workout is nok included in my stats.

What can I do to get the workout count in the app ?

(Jason K) #2

Can you let us know which app you’re referring to? There’s the Zwift game and Zwift Mobile Link, both of which are different. Thanks!

(. It Tempo Gigante) #3

Both the Zwift Mobile Link and the Zwift game does not include my workout today, in the stats. And the achievements I’ve “earned” is not added to my profile. ( 10 and 25 rounds on the volcano, completed the Everest challenge and entered level 12)

If I log in to the workout is shown under “Activities” but is not added under the main / top image (where I can see how many pizzas I’ve burned during workout.)

I’ve added a picture to illustrate the problem. The first activity ( 109 KM ) is the one that’s not added to the stats on top

I hope this clarifies my problem, otherwise don’t hesitate to write again.

Thanks for your help and time


(Jason K) #4

We had a look, and this is the same problem as one we’re still investigating. You can follow the post for updates as we work on this.