Unregistered activity

Hello, I completed an activity yesterday but it does not appear accumulated in the total performance (I could not save in Zwift. Can you help me solve this situation? Thank you

Can you give more detail.

Did the activity crash and not save?

Were you logged into multiple devices at the time?

What device are you running Zwift on?

Please give as much detail as possible about what happened.

Hi, I have forget to save and my device has activated option to turn Off after 15 minutes of inactivity .
No, I did not sign on multiple devices
I am running Zwift on an Apple TV 4K 2022 generation.
I attached the activity which we are discussing about
Thank you

But if you have the activity in your feed it must have saved? Or is that not the full activity?

What was total distance?

Yes, the activity it is in my feed, but this activity was not quantified in the total distance traveled by me. Yesterday, before doing this activity, I had 9148 km, today, after having traveled 105 km, I have 9253 km, so the 35 km traveled yesterday do not appear in the total distance
Thank you

Also, I have noticed that this activity did not upload to Strava and Garmin
Thank you