Companion App - Missing features

Having used Zwift now for just over a year, I look at the companion app and think it is a feature that is underused or could have more potential to improve the experience.

  1. Gradient Profile - On the map screen, it would be beneficial to include the gradient information for the route or road you are riding. Witht he addition of removing the onscreen HUD, I would more inclined to use this feature if information on the gradient was transferable to the companion app.

  2. Route Information / Route navigation - On the map, it would be an improvement to highlight the route on the companion app. Most of us already know the roads and routes in Zwift, but for new users, this would be an excellent addition. even having this as an optional on off fewature in the companion app would be excellent.

  3. Workout / Training Plans - One thing that frustrates me is that i need to sign into the game to view and plan workouts. Yes there are various websites online but I find it much more convenient to use the companion app to plan rides / events without having to sign into the game and this would make the training plan / workout feature much more interesting if we could review workouts / training plans in the companion app. A further step would be the functionality to create a workout in the companion app also which you could then save to your custom workout folder.

  4. Group Rides and Group Workouts - Ride On Bombs. For what ever reason this feature is available in freeride where touching the white circle on the companion app dishes out 5 ride ons to the nearest riders within your vicinity. During a group ride or workout, you need to go to the zwifters list and hand them out one by one which is an off putting exercise when in the middle of a ride concentrating on either the course or the workout.

I’m sure others have specific feature requests that they would like to see added and I’m sure some of these I’ve listed have been requested previously. My wife is a new user and she even commented on why route mapping or gradient is not available int he companion app since she remains quite unfamiliar with the routes and finds it tough to plan ahead when she is mid ride and very much suffering with the efforts.

All this said, I think the platform is excellent and like so many others has been a game changer for the winter season. Keep up the good work Zwift.



Completely agree with point no. 1. I’ve been hiding the HUD on my laptop screen when free-riding to get rid of the clutter since I have everything I need on the companion app display, except… the gradient. That’s a glaring omission and it would be really nice to see what’s coming next to anticipate shifting gears.

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