Routes - Need full functionality

I would like to start by saying that Zwifting has truly changed my life for the better. I would, however, like to add my voice to the chorus requesting an overhaul of how routes are managed in Zwift. Here’s a roll-up of how it seems like Routes should work:

  1. When selecting a route to ride on the opening screen, at a minimum the list menu should indicate if routes have been achieved or not. It is seriously frustrating to have to track routes achieved separately or to have to pick a route, start a ride, go to the menu, see if you’ve done it already, and possibly then have to end the ride and re-start on another route. Bonus would be to see profile, sprint/KOM details, such as what Zwift Insider has compiled.

  2. As many others have suggested, route progress in-game seems like a no-brainer - including lead in details and progress, route started notification, route progress in km (at a minimum), and notifications if junction selections would take you off your route. Not knowing if I’m still on a route or how much further I have to go (and therefore not being able to manage time/power) has been one of the most frustrating aspects of my short experience with an otherwise amazing software experience.

We know the functionality is possible as the in-game progress details are available for events and segments. It almost seems like Zwift WANTS to keep route progress a mystery? So odd… Thanks for considering!