No finish line

I did Tempus Fugit route on Watopia yesterday 12.2 miles. When I got to 12.2 miles there was no finish line, is this normal. I carried on and did 18 miles. Did I do something wrong or miss clicking something?

Up to this point all my rides have been workouts so yesterday was my first use of a route.


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Most routes has finish banners but some like Tempus fugit finish at the stone arch.


Thank you and thank you for pointing me to Zwift Insider route details, your answer was really big help.

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Did you not get a results screen show up either?

I got the TT and sprint positions but not a Tempus Fugit results screen. Also on Strava the ride was titled Watopia not Tempus Fugit. Doing the route felt like an untitled free ride.

When you select a route to follow in Zwift then you are essentially set off on a standard free-ride, only with the turns required to complete the route already selected by default. I think the ride title defaults to the name of the selected world unless you are riding an event or meetup.

Once you’re riding Zwift doesn’t give any real indication of what route you’re doing or how far you are along it, until the point where you actually cross the line in which case you should see a banner pop up to congratulate you (but only the first time you complete a route).

Confusingly Zwift may also occasionally show leaderboards for routes that you are riding a section of but aren’t specifically following. As you have found, Zwiftinsider is one of the most reliable places for route information, you may also find useful too.

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Having exclusively done workouts as opposed to routes I thought the structure would be similar. The info you have given me is very helpfull, thank you. Zwift really is an amazing tool.

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