Custom race finish - Two finish lines

Did a race (id 4009980) this morning where two finish lines were drawn. Route was Triple Flat Loops, distance was 34400 meters.

Well - now this is interesting. Came here to see if this had ever happened before and it has.

Last night a race of 28.3km on Everything Bagel the DRS Races had this.

It actually looked like 3 finish lines … but I think it was 2. The first time it moves due to route selection I’d guess because we don’t pass through it. But then we cycle through a blue banner with still 0.4km to go and then another one at the end

Not sure if it helps triage it … but the other strange thing is that the results page doesn’t come up at the end of the race and isn’t visible in Companion or on my activity feed on

@James_Zwift - please could you help get this to the right people as it looks like this maybe a wider issue with custom route distance as it happened on both Watopia-Triple Flat Loops back in December and New York- Everything Bagel last night.

James doesn’t post here any more but you can let them know by contacting support

Thanks for the flag. This is a known issue, I’ll add this report to the ticket.

Thanks Shuji. Is it limited to a few different routes - any known ones for us to look out for or avoid in route selection?