El Giro ride finished but no route badge?

Did the Long ride today at 12 pm. First time on Big Foot Hills route. Did the 70k with usual end of group ride confirmation, but didn’t get the route badge or XP points. Thoughts?

Out of curiosity, is it possible you received this badge previously?

No I didn’t receive it previously. First time today (I’d never forget this route, lol)

Your profile is private, so I can’t check your ride. Any chance you made a u-turn, or some other deviation? Not likely, I suppose, but Zwift has enough glitches to make it worth asking the question.

This was changed prior to the event. No bike unlock.

See this article: Virtual El Giro de Rigo Announced for November 21 | Zwift Insider

Nope I went banner to banner. Issue isn’t bike unlock. It’s that I didn’t get the badge for completing the route for the first time. Or the bonus badge XP.