No power ups or course achievements

Hello zwifters I recently road the course big foot hills and every time I went through a segment were you would normally get a power up it would cycle up but just have a Red Cross and when I click on it disappears . Also when I finished the course 67.5 kms it didn’t have an achievement completed for finishing the course even though I rode 70kms. Any help would be appreciated thanks . Oh and I have updated latest version

What was your set up? If you were on a TT bike, no power ups are awarded at banners, just 10 XP. It’s also possible that you just got the 10 XP option at each banner even if you were not on a TT bike. (Sometimes I get the feather at every banner.)

As for the badge, I don’t think there is one for every route. Perhaps this is on that doesn’t award a badge.

I just checked yeah it was a tt bike I changed it awhile ago but I had been getting the powerups on London don’t know how that works. Oh I thought all courses you got a badge / achievement for