Got 0 of 7 power ups in Crit City race (odds 1 in 6000)

I find it highly unlikely that it’s not a bug. Probability of this happening naturally should be around 0.00017. I’m not great with odds but 1 in 6000 in American I guess.

The following race: user: Tulipunane Radiaator

Before the race I did a workout in Watopia with the epic mission Spark, then switched to Shiv TT bike to ride some more. Then transferred to Crit City pens where the game had equipped a default road bike (Zwift Aero?) for me which I then changed to Tron. Maybe the TT bike had something to do with it.

You don’t get power ups on the TT, only XP.

Sorry, I misread that. Some races don’t have power ups enabled. Are you sure yours did?

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Don’t know … could be that, as Daren said, the race organiser has not enabled powerups for the race. However, I did a Crit City race last week and received 10XP when passing the finish every lap and no powerups, even though others clearly did get powerups as I saw the icon appear over their heads as they were used.

It is not impossible for something to happen, even if the odds of it happening are 6000 to 1.

I did 7 laps of volcano without getting a power-up during a race. It happens. Got an aero as I crossed the finish line, of course.

xp points should be disabled for racing.

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I noticed in 2 recent events my power-up icon was not updating - the standard slot machine animation.

I decided to activate my nonexistent power-up using ‘space’ in the hope it reset the code. Low and behold at the next banner a power-up was received.

I believe I was on a TT bike prior as well. It may be a bug specific to entering a new world with the TT bike.


Everybody else in the same race used power ups every lap. Some can be seen on the screenshots:

I realize 6000 to 1 can happen but I think odds of it being a bug are magnitude(s) higher :slight_smile:

Irrelevant but got power up after the finish banner as well :slight_smile:

Anyway, I guess we’ll see.

Could be related to the TT bike as James’ post supported. Sounds like that would be simple to replicate under test conditions, so sounds like an easy fix if it’s the case.

raced ZRL tonight 5x cobbled climb (ouch i hear you say!). What hurt more other than the 3 climbs per laps is that there is an opportunity to get 15 powerups! i got zero. What are the oddes of that!:!?

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Mis-configured event. That’s why you didn’t get powerups, it wasn’t an odds thing.