Getting no Cycling Power-Ups

Since a few months back I am basically never getting any Power-Ups.
I see the power-ups spin, and finally, I get…nothing
I get a power-up roughly 25% of the times and all other times, it spins and then decide to give me no power-up.

Is this a bug? known issue? or does it have anything to do with my specific setup? such as the old issue with taking corners using wahoo Kickr?

Is this familiar to someone else?

Hi Rick

That sound like you are riding a TT bike, they only get XP not Powerup’s.

The last few weeks I use the Tron. Before that I had some other Trek bike. I never use a TT, don’t think I even have one. Same as even before I changed to the Tron. A few months back, I almost always got a power up in races.

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Which races/rides are you doing? The recent ZRL races have had powerups switched off, for example.

A whole bunch of different races, and social group rides, also when I free ride.
For races, I never entered any races with powerups disabled. I see every one else get and use their powerups and I get 1 or 2 in a race but mostly 0 after the power-spin is done, I get “blank”