Why no power ups

I have done a few group meets with my local tri club and have only just found out what the circle top left is for. Now I’ve found out what it’s for, I’m missing out!

Why am I not getting power ups in group rides? Everyone else did.

Some power-ups are additional xp’s; they appear, are credited to your progress bar, then disappear. Is there a chance that happened without you noticing?

I know I’ve had XP but only 10 or 20 XP points. What I was referring to is I’ve never had any of the power boost things, feather, van helmet. Ever!

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Are you using a TT bike? They only get the + powerup for xp.


That’s what my friends were asking me. No, I’m using a road bike.

I think they’re just awarded at random, so will probably just be a matter of time before you get one of the others.

Even at level 16? I’m being unfairly treated! :smiley:

That doesn’t seem right. Do you ever do free rides or just group ride events and meetups?

Free rides, club meets and training. I have genuinely never had a power up though I’ve always seen the circle.

Well they just fixed the bug where meetups were not getting powerups, and during workouts and training plans they aren’t awarded.

Make sure Zwift is updated and do us a test, spawn in Watopia on flat route and you will quickly ride through the downtown banner and should get a powerup.

I updated Saturday after the ride, so hopefully that bug fix will have sorted it. Thank you.

Lol, the way you phrased your initial post I thought you’d only done a couple of rides.