No powerups on meetups?

This week, I was the one invited member of a meetup on Figure 8, and also the organizer and sole rider in a Volcano Circuit meetup. These are the only meetups I have ever ridden in. In neither case did I receive powerups when passing under arches.

I am trying to arrange a 25-lap Volcano meetup for people in my power range for next Saturday. It would be nice if we had those 25 powerups!

Is this the way it is supposed to be? My Googling has not turned up other people complaining about this.


Were you on a TT bike, the TT bike only get xp at the banners.

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Good thought! I am pretty sure that I also did not get “Close the gap” messages, although my avatar did sit up when in the draft, and never went into that full TT tuck.

No, it’s a Specialized Venge with Zipp 808s. I don’t think I have ever selected a TT bike, although I did buy a Shiv in the drop store last week. But ever since April 1 and the Haute Route, a few gremlins have entered my garage. Beard colour changed, for instance.

I am going to change bikes tomorrow and see what happens.

Thanks, Gerry.


Edit: No XP at the banners either. No spinner. Nothing.

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I rode a 103 km meetup, round and round the volcano today. No powerups, and the lap counter was blank. Other riders report the same. This was not on a TT bike.

The good news is that when the meetup was over, there was still a km to go to get to the finish of the 25 laps, and as I approached the finish, the lap counter was showing 24, and switched to 25 as I passed under the arch. I also got the badges I was after.

But I missed those powerups.

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Is no-one else seeing this problem? I do several meetups a week (using the Keep Together option) and never get powerups. No problem with powerups when doing my own individual rides.

I think the point of a meetup is to ride with your friends, not get a power up and drop them.


Maybe I’ve gone crazy, but meetups used to give powerups. And that included bonus XP sometimes, as usual with powerups. Mike, I think you’re missing the point - this used to work fine but went missing recently.

maybe, I don’t recall ever getting them in a meetup. I also think Zwifters are using meetups more for private races now rather than group rides, so whatever Zwift had intended doesn’t always match what the users need or want.

Release notes for the latest update says that this has been fixed. Yay!

Great news!