No powerups or lap count on meetups?

I posted a similar message on General Discussion a week ago. The bug continues:

I rode a 103 km meetup, round and round the volcano today. No powerups, and the lap counter was blank. This was not on a TT bike. Other riders in the meetup report the same.

The good news is that when the meetup was over, there was still a km to go to get to the finish of the 25 laps, and as I approached the finish, the lap counter was showing 24, and switched to 25 as I passed under the arch. I also got the badges I was after.

But this is a repeatable problem. I like powerups!

Same here this morning. Rode in two meetups and none of us received any powerups in either meetup.

For info, the two meetups were New York, Everything Bagel, and Watopia, Sand & Sequoias.

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