Volcano Lap Counter in Meetup Ride

I rode the Volcano CCW in a meet up ride to get the achievement badges and during the workout the lap counter wasn’t working - it just showed a blank display. The meet up ended after 100km and we needed to do another 2 laps to finish. The counter immediately started working again when we were outside the meet up.

I assume that there is a bug that means the lap counter doesn’t display in a meet up.

@Graeme_Hutchison was this meetup configured to “Keep Everyone Together” if so, this is the expected behavior since we do not track segment times for meetups where riders are assisted by the Keep Everyone Together feature. :ride_on:


It was, however the meet-up was tracking each persons time around the lap - that was how we tracked the number of laps - each time was listed on the left of the screen and you can see how many laps you have done (as long as you didn’t do one in the last 30days)

So I’m not sure that the counter shouldn’t work. After all the time isn’t the significant thing. It’s the number of laps completed.




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Hi, I’m still waiting a response.

While you may consider this “expected behaviour” due to how you track laps.

I don’t expect this behaviour from a user perspective. I don’t see why you would specifically chose not to show a lap counter in a meet up. Makes no sense to me.