No Power Ups?

I’ve been on Zwift about a year now and (I thought!) I knew the Power Up plan – when I would start a ride and first cross the start/finish line I would usually get one, then again at the top of any of the KOMs (assuming that I had no unused Power Ups in reserve at the time). Now I’m getting neither – I now usually do NOT get one at the beginning of a ride (new plan?) and today when I finished the Epic KOM I didn’t get one. Didn’t get one yesterday when I finished the KOM in London.

Is this a new strategy or is something wrong? FWIW I’m riding the Tron bike.


Looking at your last ride the screenshot show you have a feather powerup.

Did you not get the XP power-up on the KOM and did not notice that?

Thanks for the reply! If you’re referring to the ride I did today (November 4) the feather powerup never appeared on my screen (and I WAS expecting it at the top of the KOM…). I did get the drafting (truck) power up later on during the same ride, but it seemed to appear at a random time.

I must confess that I usually don’t notice the XP power ups (except when completing a mile: I get one when I hit 6.0 miles, 7.0 miles, etc.) I’m used to seeing the icon on my screen – feather, truck, whatever that light blue aero thing is supposed to be!

As mentioned riding the Tron bike (if that matters) and using the Zwift Companion at the same as the main program is running on my Macbook Pro.

I seem to recall a Zwift software update a couple weeks ago – did they change the way power ups are awarded?

Any words of wisdom welcome here!

I noticed that your last ride on your profile was from last year. :scream:

nothing changed in regards to how power-up’s work.

Tron bike get normal power-up’s

Ah, I forgot that all my rides are saved as private. (For no sane reason at all…)

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