Getting no Power-ups

Since a few months back I am basically never getting any Power-Ups.
I see the power-ups spinning, and finally, I get…nothing
I get a power-up roughly 25% of the times and all other times, it spins and then decide to give me no power-up.

Same with standard bikes such as TREK, or TRON.
I am not using any TT bike.
I See other in the same race get powerups so it is not a matter of events with powerups disabled
I occasionally get a powerup (roughly 25% of the times)
Happens during free rides, races, social rides etc

Is this a bug? known issue? or does it have anything to do with my specific setup? such as the old issue with taking corners using wahoo Kickr?

This is a huge disadvantage in my races

thank you

I genuinely think you’re just being really unlucky.

I haven’t seen or experienced any issues with power ups and seeing loads of other people getting them.

Apple TV?

No Apple TV.
Using new Asus Win10 gaming laptop with HDMI to a 65" curved 4K TV
Wahoo Kickr Core, Headwind, Climb
Polar H10 HR monitor

This been going on for months and its such a dramatic change from earlier
Everyone I speak to seems to most of the time get a powerup.
I hope it is just bad luck but I think I will start to record every race now and see how many hit/miss I get

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I think you need to raise a ticket with support and have them look at your log files.

Other than some event-specific issues, I can’t remember there being any general issues with powerups reported here for quite some time.

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