Apple TV and Power Ups BUG

In the last two races in Neokyo using my Apple TV (Legion of LA Crit Series - 7pm EST today), over half of my power ups came up blank, it would scroll and then blank. Same thing happened in a race in Watopia. It appears the be similar to the old issue that was resolved (maybe earlier this year) with the Apple TV and power ups. My colleague gets no power ups with his Apple TV.

No power up = 10 XP (you can see a small + for a short time).

Right, but I don’t think the odds support getting the + over 50 percent of the time?

This is a little old, but possibly still relevant:

I was in a group ride this week - no power ups on Tempus Fugit, only +10 - so it can be a configuration of the race? But you wrote 50%… There was sometimes a bug with PU distribution, try to search the forums.

Edit - Nigel done it already :+1:

Thanks, I am guessing it’s broken again, like it was previously for iOS. I have heard other complaints from Apple TV users. I’ll chart my next race, numbers don’t lie😁.

I did the chase race tonight, only one power up, the rest were XP, something is wrong with the Apple TV coding again.

Yesterday I had a strange experience with powerups on Apple TV too. I had four aeros in a row, amd finally one feather. Might have been random but it seemed suspicious given the previous issue.

I would add my voice to this topic. In the past several weeks, on my Apple TV, certainly more than 50% of the power-ups have been limited to just the 10 XP. Seems to be the same for events (races & rides) and for free rides.

I’ve noticed that as well, lately on AppleTV I get a disproportionate number of 10XP power-ups.

This has happened to me in my last tow events. Is this still happening to folks here? Any solutions?