Power Ups issue on Apple TV

FYI - I have the new Apple TV and it appears that the previous bug that was fixed is back. The last couple of races I participated in I was only awarded one PU, all the others went to XP, this appears to be the same issue. I’m averaging ~80% XP, and only ~20% PUs.

Can someone in support check this out?

Power ups are configured at the event end and aren’t particular to a platform. Happy to check the specific event if you send me the event id but it’s likely to be default (25/25/25/25 XP/Aero/Draft/Feather).

The reason we’re suspicious is because of this previously-fixed problem. I did a free ride yesterday and got Aero four times in a row. While that’s entirely possible under a random generator, it’s suspicious given that others are seeing similar things on Apple TV.

Old problem:

New problem?:

Not one I was aware of (but had read into the previous post that it had been). I haven’t seen any other reports of this issue (but will now keep an eye out!).

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Thanks. I edited my post with some more info.

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Thanks, James! The odds are definitely not working out, XP should have the same odds as any other PU that is active. Like before, it scrolls through the list and stops on XP, last night I think I got 3 XP and one Draft PU, last few weeks have been the same situation, way too many XP. The riders around me were dropping PUs like hot potatoes.

The last two events seem to be back to normal PU distribution. Maybe just coincidence with the update.