Random power ups are not random?

For at least the last month (never really paid attention before) but my power ups on every ride, every course always occur the same. Aero, feather, draft (truck), 2 10 XPs and I can’t remember after those 5 but those 5 are the same EVERY ride. What gives?

Same for me. There is already another thread on this topic, so you might want to search for that.

Thanks (random characters to fulfill the 8 character requirement)

Exactly the same here, same order and everything. It happens on more than one device (Macbook Air; ATV4K). Raised it with Zwift support. The first response had some vague handwaving about the random number generator perhaps not being that great; the second told me to clear my browser cache (yes of course that will work).

Couldn’t find the other thread - anyone got a link?

See PUs aren‘t random anymore

I paid attention to this for the first time today and on AppleTV I was definitely seeing the same order that people mention above.