Powerups Not Working?

The last few rides I have done the only power up given is the small +10XP. This has been on Watopia and the Richmond circuit. Whilst not a big ‘user’ of the power ups (I sometimes forget to open the app to use them) it seems it may be a bug in the software?

Not sure it is coincidence to have the same powerup awarded each time for over 2-3 hours of riding?

Sounds like you are using the time trial bike.  It does not give power ups…only the +10.  

I did on first ride, didn’t know about the +10. Last night was back on pinarello but maybe because it started on TT bike. Would be good to be able to edit your gear even offline in the dashboard rather than once you’ve started 

In my last 2 rides in Watopia 11/19 and Richmond 11/15, I also didn’t receive any powerups, only +10XP.

I did flick to the TT bike, but now back on the other, and definitely not getting powerups. I find it activates the randomiser, chooses something, but then doesn’t show on the app for activation. Just says ‘No Power ups’. 

@Kelley - I was using the TT bike. Thank you!