Tour of Watopia 5: Power Ups not working

Hi, just finished ToW 5 route A and noticed my power ups was not working properly. Saw other riders get and use theirs. Was fine during the previous 4 stages. Spoke to a friend who rode ToW 5 route A yesterday, and his power ups was also not working. We both use iOS, and all updates are done

Hi @Corne_Swanepoel

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If you had a TT bike equipped on your Zwift avatar, I don’t believe you get the wider range of PowerUps.

Hi, nope, was not using a TT bike. But i did the Four Horsemen yesterday, and the PowerUps were working again (phew, thank goodness!) Thank you for your reply

What do you mean by “not working”? Maybe you mean that you didn´t get a feather, draft or aero at one of the banners. In that case you probably got a 10xp-PowerUp and didn´t notice.

I did the ToW 5 route A yesterday and PowerUps worked fine, except for the useless 10xp I got at one point.

I experienced something similar in one of the first ToW events, where I did not receive anything. No powerups at any of the banners (not even a +10xp), and no XP throughout the event.
I believe this was an event where I had first done a “late join” to a ToW ride for my warmup, then I rode along for half an hour and went directly into the pen for the next ToW ride.

In the last few events everything worked again. But I haven’t tried to repeat the behaviour of jumping straight from one ToW to the next, since I suspect that could be involved with the bugs.

Hi @Corne_Swanepoel

Glad to hear that PowerUps returned after that anomalous ToW Stage 5 event.

Also, I know that force closing and restarting Zwift between app sessions can be helpful, especially on iOS and Apple TV and especially if you’ve done a previous event right before joining another.

Not to say that you don’t regularly force close Zwift between app sessions and maybe you do, but just as a general tip it’s been my experience that doing so can help to mitigate oddball, strange types of bugs like what you’ve described.