Powerups not working

Hey there,
I have a problem with the powerups in the zwift companion app.
Collecting powerups works fine, but the button to use the powerup is grey and can not be clicked.

I have this problem since many weeks, i already uninstalled everything but that did not help.

As you can see in the second picture, I have the option to throw the feather away but I can not use it!

I’m looking forward for a fix of my problem.

Best regards,

On the first image, you have to press on the feather up left nd it will use it

Just press the green button with the feather in it.

Thanks for your answers, unfortunatly pressing that button does not do anything as well.

You may need to “long press” the circle with the power up, hold it for 2 or 3 seconds and it should work.

His powerup button on the Dashboard panel shouldn’t be greyed out though. Something is wrong here.

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there was a companion app update a few days ago to load the new Makuri Island map, maybe he needs to update? Or maybe the update broke it? :grin:

I always check for updates prior to riding, but the problem is there since a few weeks so i don´t think it has to do with the latest update

@shooj : on a related note, I was riding Makuri this morning and the 10XP power up did not ‘auto activate’ (i.e. I had to press it, just the helmet, feather, etc., in order to actually get the 10XP).

Route: Flatland Loop
System: iPad OS

Anything else you need to know to flag this one up?

I have seen the same issue with the 10XP powerup in both Makuri Islands and a group ride in France. I’m also on iPad.

I am having a similar issue. For weeks I would randomly get a powerup to use like the helmet or feather. Then a week or so ago I started to get nothing. Now, I sometimes get a “+” that when I hit it, I get 10XP. Seems like something is not working as it was.

did you change to the TT bike, that bike only get XP powerup’s

Had the same thing tonight (first time I’ve noticed the XP powerup issue).

Not only did the XP powerup not auto-activate, but it didn’t even show up in the companion app (either mini-map or dashboard). Had to tap the tablet itself to activate.

Of all the powerups I got, 5 were +10 XP, with the auto-activation issue, 2 draft, and one each aero and feather. Only one of the draft powerups appeared on the ‘dashboard’ of the companion app. All except the XP showed up on the mini-map page. The issue with the powerup button on the dashboard has been around for several months (Companion app on Android).

I experienced exactly the same issue with XP powerup last night in Paris.

Ipad, only XP PUPs without auto-activate, route Watopia S&S.