New button on Companion App

Has anyone seen the new button on the companion app? (iOS)
I think it lets you bin your current power up. Not sure why you would want this function? I guess it must be something for the racing side of Zwift.
Any thoughts?

I saw it, did not test it.

Racers would use Power ups just before a banner to get a better one. So others will know you are looking for something better, but if they don’t see you use any they may think you are saving a sprint for the end.

That is my thinking.

I hope there is a KB shortcut for it too.

Yeah good thinking, I like that idea Gerrie.
The button works, as I tried it yesterday, but only appears if you have a power up.
It has a small image of the actual power up you currently have. It is very small though.

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This is how it look if you have a feather power up.

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