Zwiff App and Zwift Companion showing different power-ups

I did a warm-up followed by a race on Zwift today. Logged in, went to Watopia (where the race would be held) and rode for about 15 minutes before joining the event and getting sent to the pen. During that 15 minute warm-up I got a feather power-up, which I kept for the race.

After the race started, I noticed that the computer screen was no longer showing the feather power-up. But Zwift Companion was.

Pressing the feather on Zwift Companion did not activate the power-up. Pressing the space bar on the computer also did not work.

During the race I got an aero power-up shown on the computer screen. ZC still showed the feather. Pressing the feather activated the aero power-up.

After the race the computer showed no power-up, but ZC showed the aero.

Then I apparently got a feather as shown on the computer, but draft power-up as shown on ZC…?IMG_4928

Had this issue sometimes, ZCA was wrong - computer OK.

This happens to me a lot when I finish a ride without using the power-up. The next ride still has the power-up on the companion app, but not in game. What you describe follows.

Seems the problem persists :cry: