XP power up doesn't automatically clear anymore

I’ve noticed since the Yumezi update (on Apple iPad 1.0.70425 on Apple store, 1.13.0 (70425) on Zwift app) that the XP power-up no longer automatically awards the +10 xp and clears itself. I have to manually tap the power-up to activate the XP bonus. While I noticed this on Yumezi first I have done a couple of races in crit city and London today and the XP wouldn’t automatically clear in those events either.

Is this intentional? If so, why? Getting XP in a race is bad enough without having to manually clear it as well.

I think some others have reported this in another thread. I’ll see if I can find it.

Probably better in its own thread like your one here, but some posts on the same issue at Powerups not working - #9 by Nigel_Tufnel

Maybe a moderator could bring these posts together?

It looks like the latest update (1.0.70832) has fixed this issue. I did a 3R race which awarded XP at every power up point and they all cleared themselves and I also did a ride on Yumezi using the TT bike to guarantee an XP power up and that cleared automatically as well.

No, bug still exists. I experienced it in Paris last night.