Powerups not being given

I’ve noticed in my last few rides I have not had a single “power up” in the Zwift App on an iOS iPad Pro for about 2 weeks. Watching on today’s right as I went through a gate the plus sign appeared and instead of the wheel of fortune spinning it just disappears.

I’ve not changed anything to my knowledge. Running latest 1.26.1


I assume you changed to ride a TT bike. The TT bike only get XP.

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I did…jesus why does the graphic just say that.

Next time you’re going through an arch/gate while on the TT bike, keep an eye on both the left and right sides of the upper central section. When the lefthand power-up space shows the pink ‘plus sign’ icon, just as it disappears you should see ‘+10 XP’ appear on the righthand side for about a second.