Powerups never seem to work on IOS

(Brent) #1

Even though I try to click the button for XP, I only ever get draft boost or featherweight.

What’s up with that?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

I don’t think I understand the question, so forgive my answer if I got this wrong.

When you go under a banner the top left circle will spin randomly giving you one of the five powerups (Feather, draft ,Aero, small XP or Large XP). You can’t choose what you want.

This manual is a bit out of date but it still very helpful.

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(Brent) #3

Hi Gerrie,

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I understand that, but when the Powerup button starts cycling through its choices, I always have tried to hit the little or big XP points + button. However, since I’ve started with Zwift, this has NEVER happened. I always get either featherweight or draft boost instead. Not sure whether it’s my timing is off, or I’m not pressing and releasing at the right time, or what. I’m on IOS on a new (2018) base iPAD. I’ve gotten to level 12 on ride time, but it’s frustrating just the same; I’m out to train and burn calories, so I don’t want stuff that will make it easier on me. :slightly_smiling_face:


(Paul) #4

Pressing the Power-Up button does nothing, it stops on it’s own.

If you want 10XP everytime just use the Zwift TT bike.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #5

Clicking on the Powerup button has no effect it is a random selection. You dont have to use the power up’s if you get them. The power up’s does not have that big effect, they are pretty short in duration.

If you only want XP points then you can use the TT bike.

**PS, see Paul’s post above, he beat me to it :slight_smile: **

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(Brent) #6

Thanks Paul and Gerrie, no wonder! I’ve been pushing the button and it’s all random anyway.

If PC users can use the spacebar to select, how about giving us IOS users some capability here?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #7

PC users use spacebar to activate the power up that they got in the random draw. they cant select what Power-up they want or stop the rotation.

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