Power Up’s not showing up

I have been riding zwift for awhile now and have never had the power up “roulette” activate while riding. I have searched the settings to see what might be different those I ride with who have that option and cannot find any setting difference. I have tried to google the issue and only info I have found is how to use it once a power up has been determined. So I am reaching out for any information on how to activate this feature. Thank you in advance for any help that comes my way.

Hi @James_LeeCrew

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I assume you get the XP every time. That’s because you are probably riding the Zwift TT bike.

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I am riding on a Cerve’lo P5 in the app currently. Before that I was riding the zwift TT bike. So the power up is bike dependent?

It’s just TT’s - you get 10 XP or sometimes 250 whereas other bikes get the lucky dip.

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Gotcha. So I need to switch up bikes to have that feature. Thank you for the help, I have searched the web and have found no info about it at all.


Try this (#2) - it’s XP focused but explains it.

AWESOME! Again thank you for helping me find the info I needed.