Suspicious rider activity

Hi a quick question, is it possible to spawn at the top of the alpe du Zwift ?

I have been following a rider today who has spawned at or close to the top of the alpe du Zwift 11 times in a two hour period, he has then coasted/soft pedaled down the alpe to the bottom. He has ridden 87 km in 89 minutes.

Is this allowed/normal, or is he as I suspect cheating?

I don’t understand why this rider would do this, as they are already at level 50.

It is possible and not forbidden. But I don’t want to explain how because in my eyes it’s cheating. It once happened to me accidentally; I stopped the ride immediately and didn’t save it. If there’s people out there who need those km for their ego: well …

No, but perhaps they are choosing the “ride with” feature and finding someone who is on the alpe?

Quick and easy way to get your festive 500 kms in by descending the alpe a bunch of times.

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Thanks for that, it may well explain it.

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I did a “ride with” the other day when I started riding, because I saw a friend was online and it spawned me on the downhill portion of the Alpe (where they were at the moment). I quickly realized how this could be exploited and your post has just confirmed that apparently someone has :frowning:

As above probably doing it for the festive 500. Takes some doing though to pick somebody at the top of the Alpe unless they had a friend who stopped there to allow them to choose ‘ride with’

10 out of 10 for ingenuity if so.

All you need is a friend who has stopped at the top of the Alpe. If you’re in a club or other group then that’s probably easier to organise.

Ingenuity perhaps, but not in the spirit of the game surely, they are only cheating themselves.

It has certainly made me re evaluate who I will follow and give rideons too going forward, such a shame.

Probably not in the spirit of the game but if there’s a jersey on offer people get desperate. For me I’m easy about this provided people don’t save the ride or delete it after they’ve got the reward.

Earlier today a zpower hero passed me going 30 w/kg, I quickly clicked on him and he was doing a steady 1999 watts… flagged him and reported him.

Unfortunately these people exist…


That’s a different kind of cheating in my book although before throwing an accusing finger it could be a sensor misread.

yeah, I messaged him with the companion app and told him his setup is bad, but he didn’t respond.

But you only get the jersey for doing a 1 hour ride in a specific event. Not for doing a real 500km or 1000km outside.

Still it’s bad behaviour to be deliberately doing ride with “rider going 14km/h” to start at top of Alpe du Zwift.

Well, at least doing that they mostly just end up cheating themselves…

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What is spawning please ?

It’s a gaming term, meaning the in-game location where your avatar appears.