Falsely accused of riding stage 2

I’ve done all the stages of the TdZ so far except stage 2. But I notice that ZC and the progress record on the main game screen have it ticked off. I think I’d remember it, and anyway ZwiftPower confirms that I’ve done all the others, some twice, but not that one.

I did enter the stage, but life got in the way a bit and I can’t remember whether I never went in, or was delayed by a game update or something else and simply went in and missed the start. Either way I never turned a pedal in it.

I don’t really care because I’ll do it in the repechage anyway, but is this another bug alongside the one about the stage not being recorded if we carry on downhill, about which I received an email?

Hi David, I’m guessing Zwift awarded you the stage thinking you were part of the “alpe crash” bug that users on ios experienced at the top of the alpe.

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Ah, didn’t think of that. Well, as I said, I’m not bothered. I really only raised it in case it were another bug. But now that you’ve said it, your explanation makes perfect sense. Thank you.

I’m on Android :grinning:

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