Zwift Game Release: Oct 1, 2018

(Scott Warrender) #41

Same issue here - ran the update (which only took about 30 seconds) and now I just get a white screen on launch and ultimately a not responding windows message. Have tried two computer restarts - no luck…help

(Chris McRob (Bingham. NY)) #42

For your display question… Not sure was was done in the update, but you may need to adjust the overscan (or aspect ratio) on the TV (or AppleTV)

(Karissa Minn [TFC Racing]) #43

Just to clarify something that was stated already… I don’t believe the Intel HD 3000 graphics chip was EVER officially supported by Zwift. I can see how it’s a shock if something that has been working suddenly stopped, and not everyone can afford to upgrade. :frowning: But if you are running Zwift with that graphics chip, you’ve been using a machine with unsupported specs from the beginning, as listed on Zwift’s website. Unfortunately, this was always a possibility.

(Harvey Miller) #44

You meant to spell “competition”.

(O pportunist) #45

Working Nice !

(Leighton Smith #Pw C Rt N) #46

Nicely done

(Kyle Duffy) #47

I’m not sure if you have had any other users chime in but my Intel HD 520 series onboard card also will not work.


(Richard Freeth ZHR (G)) #48

Given the problems some people are having, is it possible to make upgrades optional? A few times in the past I have come fairly late to an event only to find Zwift wants to do the update thing, Next it then seems I need to reboot which takes a while on my PC, meanwhile the flag has dropped and I miss the event.

One tip which might work (or not) is when I see the updating message I never continue with the login. Since doing this I have always managed to upgrade without the un-install/re-install needed in the past.

(James Hall RaceWBR (C)) #49

Top response from Jon “Legend” Mayfield. If only we could get that level of support from our local vendors. Keep up the cracking work guys, it’s seriously appreciated! :+1:t3:

(Michael Herbst) #50

I second that!

(K.C. Race3R) #51

Thanks for the progress Jon!

A question — we now seem to have to click 2x to make a turn. What benefit does that double click from our side give you on the development side? I am sure there is something, but just curious as to what it is …

Also – now that NYC will likely be more “gamey” … is there a chance that we can get back the “game” hot bike swap? It is so useful for riders dropped from group rides to be able to switch to a TT bike to chase back to the group with the better draft effects. It would be nice to have this back. Also in races, organizers could choose to enable or disable this and then there is no downside to anyone?

Thanks. Kevin

(Arjen Nieuwhof) #52

Awesome work guys! Keep them updates coming! :star_struck:

(Lee Odlin) #53

Since the upgrade none of my activities are being saved or uploaded to Strava & Training Peaks. Workouts are being ticked off allowing me to progress through the programme but no record of them in activities. Using a Tacx Neo with 4th gen ATV as a setup, was all working perfectly until the upgrade. Wifi is fine, tried two different ATVs and deleting and reinstalling Zwift app on both, no joy. Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

(Dave Brown) #54

Can you be a bit more specific than “soon” for the cloud workout storage? Got a Apple TV sitting ready.

(� Colin Peerman) #55

As Jon said, Zwift supports more low end (and arguably) too many low end specs. IMHO too many as it’s holding back the platform a bit. Zwift is a 3D game and you need the correct equipment

(John Hallas ) #56

I dont see Zwift aa 3D game. I see it as a training tool

(� Colin Peerman) #57

That maybe the case, but it is still a 3D game presentation

(Nick Morrow) #58

I’ve been having sever problems with this latest update running it on a 4k AppleTV. More often than not, the app crashes on opening and then I’ve been having all kinds of problems connecting my devices. I keep getting messages saying ‘AppleTV has run out of bluetooth connections’ when I’ve not actually connected anything. I spent 45 minutes yesterday trying to get it to work. In the end, I had to reinstall Zwift onto the AppleTV. This really isn’t good enough. Who wants to waste 45 minutes messing around with this nonsense?

(R Terrell (PainSled rower)) #59

Paul, I have this issue on my Apple TV4K as well. Support had a couple of things to try, but none of them worked. I’m running a projector so I fiddled with the resolutions to see if I could find one that worked, but no luck. As you say, the system display setup shows a perfectly aligned display

(Paul Aloe) #60

As I work in New York I would love to hear more about the Nee York course