Zwift Hub long term support

There are several parts to supported. The two years at least is for firmware upgrades and fixes. Actual support for connecting and using in Zwift is unlikely to end (unless Zwift drops both Ant+ and Bluetooth for some totally new interface that drop 100s of existing smarts trainers including their own and Wahoo’s. ie, very very unlikely),

And despite the Zwift hubs origins as a JetBlack clone, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if as part of Zwift’s now flourishing partnership with Wahoo, some Wahoo devs haven’t looked at the Zwift Hub firmware source and got ready to assist with fixes if ever necessary.

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You’re right probably. This ofcourse was not decided in one day, so I guess the group that bought it in the last few months just feels like: you knew this was going to happen, had to ofcourse sell a lot of stock of units built, and we are not sure if we’d made the same decision or waited another month.
So I guess the sentiment is more based on emotion than rationality in my case :smiley:


Thanks for all your comments.
I have decided to keep the Zwift Hub One, and remember the reason I bought it in the first place rather than second guess myself.
As a new Zwift user I hope to be still using it fully in 2 years and worry about any potential problems then.
Good luck.


Personally if i had just bought the hub i’d be tempted to return and get a core for the same price.

As for @Zach_Johnston while it’s annoying i don’t see the 2 year support/update as a big issues. I use a neo probably for last 3-4 years think i might of had one firmware update in that time. certainly nothing in the way of new features like the HUB is getting so i’d be happy with it.

My Wahoo Kickr hasn’t had a firmware update in over 2 years, last one was October 2021. It still works just fine…

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As someone always on a budget, I support the flooding of the used/refurb market with perfectly good brand new trainers. If someone wants to sell their Hub used, or if Zwift wants to resell the returned items as refurbs, I’m absolutely keeping my eyes open.


Yes, it will be ‘supported’ but it will not be developed.

The chagrin is not from “Oh I get two years of just firmware” its that there is absolutely no reason I would have bought the trainer over the Wahoo. I would have waited and spent the $600 on a product that I know is going to be expanded upon and can be improved on. I am now stuck 10 weeks later feeling extremely burned. I understand thats life, but thats also why I get to come on to the zwift forums and voice my opinion to the company.

Is this the end of the world? Nope. Does it make me feel good about Zwift or make me want to support the company via word-of-mouth and putting their product in my gym? Absolutely not. 4months after launch is not soon enough to pop that balloon - their advertising literally supports another product now than the one they were SO supportive and enthusiastic in selling me.


I think it’s fair to feel that way. There’s not really ‘good timing’ for announcing the discontinuation of a product, in that there will always be someone who just bought it before you make the announcement. But it has moved pretty quickly, hasn’t it?

IMO it has to be because of the Zwift/Wahoo lawsuit. And that makes me wonder when the plan was formalized, and when anyone might have been allowed to talk about it. A lot of questions for sure. And these forums are definitely a place for people to complain about Zwift :smiley: I’m sitting here tapping my foot waiting for privacy functionality, and have been tapping my foot forever about Clubs functionality.

If it were me, I also wouldn’t be worrying about development. Looking at Wahoo, the recent virtual shifting for the Core (and likely soon for non-Core Kickrs) is the only real development there’s been in the Kickr. They’ve made updated models, but any given model (v2, v3, etc) has more or less just sat there with a few firmware updates since it was released. So yeah, Zwift won’t be releasing the Hub v2. But that happening wouldn’t have affected the current Hub anyway. Other than this latest virtual shifting, ‘development’ of an already released product has been limited to firmware updates…and that’s about it.

I was not joking when I said I’d be happy to buy someone’s used Hub for a good price, even with this latest news. But you’re of course not obligated to feel the same :slight_smile:

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Yes. My line of thinking was that, although they dont have the incline capability of Wahoo, this new Zwift product is clearly their baby and they will add on to this (to compete, because thats what successful companies do).

Unfortunately, THEIR mistakes with their company are all thats causing me to feel this way. I do agree about the lawsuit affecting the situation. Again, not my problem - when I research a trainer on the market, its about the trainer’s performance. No part of me thought I needed to deep dive into Zwift’s business ethics before making my purchase.

No need to keep repeating myself though, Im sure lamenting about this endlessly will do nothing.


So if you had bought the Wahoo, what would be your expectation for firmware updates to that? I ask because it’s an even older trainer, with an older feature set (no HRM pairing, no 10Hz transmission) that has had no updates for years until now, and perhaps it gets one or two more updates, assuming they have some bugs to fix. I don’t see that as very different. If you bought a Kickr V6 maybe you could expect more, but the price difference is real.

If you buy an iPhone 14 and a few months later they release the iPhone 15, how does that make you feel?


The Wahoo has the advantage of 1)proven 2) upgrade-able 3)Cost effective

It did not have the advantage of the Zwift Cog or support. Now it has everything, at the same cost. Are you telling me the benefits here are not clear? (And not at all like your iPhone example)

Answering honestly, which would you pick right now, a Wahoo with the cog or a Zwift Hub One with the cog?

Well I didn’t get a good feeling about the reliability of the Hub or the Click shifter, ever, so I would have picked something else. At the same time, I recognize the feature advantages that the Hub has over the Kickr Core even now. The choice boils down to what you care about in terms of the feature set. I wouldn’t be disturbed if I made my choice, bought a trainer, and the manufacturer discontinued it or released some other enhanced trainer. That’s the nature of buying technology gadgets. As long as they keep supporting it (like the iPhone 14 for example) that’s OK. If support falls apart that would be a different story, but that hasn’t happened.

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Ill try to meditate on it to come to a more positive conclusion about my Zwift Hub One purchase.

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For those complaining about buying a Zwift Hub and now being left in the dark.

Welcome to the life Jet Black Volt users have been feeling for the past few months already.

Jet Black will blame Zwift for the reason the Volt does not have the virtual shifting yet (Not the fact that they have not updated the firmware since April 2023 “Version 3.1”) but with this announcement surely Zwift can just give them the Hubs firmware so those of us left in never never land can at least get some form of updates for the next 2 years instead of waiting for JB to release ANY form of notable update for those of us who bought the Volt because that was what we could purchase in Australia at the time (the Core was much more expensive in comparison at the time).

Hub owners just be glad you are getting some form of support and feedback from Zwift. Jet Black are busy sulking at losing their contract by the looks of it and their customers are paying the price for it.


I’m a Saris H3 user. Virtual what-now?

The whole thing sounds bad.

At the end of the day, ZWIFT is plastered all over the Zwift Hub One Ive bought, so my beef stays with Zwift. Im sorry you got burned by Jet Black getting involved on what was apparently a poorly thought out venture on both sides.

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But this the case every time you buy anything - you own it, it will not be developed. If you want the new development, you have to buy it again.

seems like most people who recently purchased the hub one share the same feelings of disappointment. People who have other trainers aren’t fussed and are trying to justify why recent hub one buyers shouldn’t be disappointed. Only time will tell what the actual impact is for hub one owners like myself (I’ve already made my feelings clear on why I’m disappointed in the news). Maybe that’s the true disappointing factor - a complete lack of confidence. Like for like, I would have chosen the wahoo version because it’s a well established trainer brand. I’d never buy a zwift trainer again, period - but that’s a personal decision given what’s happened and others may not share this view.


As a 31-day owner of a Zwift Hub One, I have mixed feelings about what has happened. As mentioned above, this drop and switch is not unique to this instance, but it still leaves poor feeling in how it was handled. While Zwift may not be in the position financially to offer perks those who chose the Zwift Hub One over competitors, they should attempt to extend a thank you to such owners. This could be an extension or discount on subscription renewals, to a discount on accessories (like the Play), to a six-month extension on updates, i.e. anything to remove the sting some of us are feeling.

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I bought my Hub One literally 40 days ago, and have been more than happy with it, it is a greate product with good tech and it exceeded my expectations (always opposed to indoor training).

Nevertheless, this really feels like a behind the back stab. I bought this piece of product precisely because its competitor (Wahoo Kickr Core) appeared a bit more outdated, and I wanted the latest piece of tech for the price we paid, which isn’t little.

This now raises a 1000 questions, and I seriously do not want to have to buy a new trainer in 2 years, since while they are nice, I have other financial priorities beyond cycling.

What is everyone here planning to do? Are y’all trying to return it? Should we chill?

Truth is, that even if the product isnt updated again, im fine with what I got, it serves my purpose. But with so much uncertainty, I am even afraid of being limited to Zwift’s ecosystem at all tbh.

Trying to gain some perspective here. Thx

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