Zwift Hub long term support

Absolutely agree with you, this is a terrible way to build brand equity. I took a risk over more established players such as Garmin TAcx and Wahoo, because I believe in the product and got a terrible sting. Shouldve known better.

Zwift needs to act quickly now, and show its most loyal customers (those buying hardware and commiting to not only software) that they are well taken care off. Otherwise, people will simply migrate to other platforms.

They should at least extend the membership and guarantee product coverage for more than 2 years, since the latest was released less than 6 months ago.

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Dude I agree with you, but when you buy an iphone you know to be guaranteed to have the latest tech for at least a year + several of support. Giving a reasonable time frame for ownership.

At the moment, our horizon got choped down by half. Good luck trying to sell new products made by Zwift, theyve destroyed their brand and messed up their most loyal customers.

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Well I won’t tell you how to feel about it and I’m not here to defend Zwift. The trainer was released in fall of 2022. Then virtual shifting was added via firmware update. The trainer itself remains the same as it was when released. Personally I would not buy a trainer marketed by a software company that doesn’t manufacture trainers.

After 2 years when there are no firmware updates the product won’t suddenly stop working or develop bugs or faults all by itself. If it works in two years it will continue to work.
It is not like a PC or phone that needs regular security updates.

I know it might feel a bit disappointing but if you have the trainer and are happy with it there is no reason you won’t be able to use it for many many years.

I’m still using a centuries old Drivo and that hasn’t had any meaningful firmware update in the whole time I’ve had it and it still works.


Thanks this actually gives good context, I was not aware that as opposed to phones these things can then run quite independently.
Are you still able to zwift properly on the drivo?

As well as I could the day i bought it. Must be at least 6 years ago now.

TBH I’d be more concerned about long term support of the Click and Play controllers - the latter of which was only really released as a “beta”. Seems to me that as they’re no longer selling their own trainer, Zwift could well drop these items. I guess they’d publish some sort of API (I think they’ve already committed to this) and leave hardware to the hardware manufacturers. IndieVelo already has a virtual gearing option, all handled within the software,. Wahoo, Stages and Tacx could all sort themselves out at the hardware level in their Smartbikes without going near the Zwift App.

unlikely as they are used to control the virtual gears on the Kickr too. without them there would be no way for any trainer to have virtual shifting at the moment.

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Sorry, I was assuming that Wahoo would release their own gear change buttons* and that other third parties would also provide options once the API is available. I just don’t see why Zwift would want to remain in the hardware business given that they dropped plans for their own Smartbike and have now dropped “their own” trainer.

  • In fact I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they hadn’t started work on this already.

maybe long term but i wouldn’t expect them to intentionally kill the ones they had sold off. they might not update them but if they work now i don’t see why they wouldn’t in the future?

To be fair, that’s not really the case anymore with a lot of products. Firmware updates allow a product to continue to be developed after purchase. Accessories are another way that a product you own can ‘be developed’ after you buy it–my kitchen stand mixer might continue to have accessories developed for it, so long as it’s still in production. If it goes out of production, I won’t expect more accessories to be made for the item I have.

For trainers, the point I made above was that there has been very little in the way of such development–virtual shifting, and Wahoo’s accessories (Climb for example), and that’s about it. So it wouldn’t drive me away from the Hub. But it is a consideration.

My theory is that they did the math of how many Zwift bought the trainers, and how many of them they can stand to lose by this really bad move.

They keep the money, $600 more than covers the loss of the client. Ive been very loyal as a user since I started, but am now 100% open to jumping ship and am trying out the other systems out there.

The internet/instagram is very loud right now about the Zwift Hub One and how much of a sucker we were for buying it, but that wont do anything. Zwift is a massive platform and Im sure the amount of users they will rake in with the (better) wahoo trainer will make up for it. However, since 2018 Ive recommended Zwift enthusiastically to hundreds of clients, and those days are over.

The question to Zwift is what are they going to do to make it right?

I dont think they can afford to just take all the trainers back, but they can afford to extend the membership. The Zwift Hub One is obviously very limited to the Zwift platform, so between users quitting forever or giving them free memberships for awhile maybe they will pick the one that doesnt make them look so bad. But thats just me and how I run my successful company.

Up until you buy a cassette for it. If anything, Zwift’s financial obligation from this particular issue would involve buying you a cassette. A year’s membership seems excessive. (although granted some cassettes are pricey, lol)

I travel full time and lug my trainer around. The specificity of the Zwift cog accommodating multiple bikes on the road was the selling point. Again, absolutely zero positive to the Zwift Hub One over the Wahoo.

There is no lipstick for this pig.

Won’t disagree there, but that’s a very different claim from saying that the Hub is limited to use on Zwift only as a blanket statement. It’s limited by the way you are hoping to use it. Which, to be clear, is a perfectly reasonable way to use it, and was indeed one of the selling points of the Cog.

It seems to come down to whether you think Zwift itself, the app, is going to keep meeting your needs heading forward, or if you think something bad will happen to the app itself. If you think that their poor handling of the Hub implies that they will mismanage the Zwift app heading forward, there’s good reason to think that your purchase has less worth than it had. If on the other hand you think that their mishandling of the Hub says nothing about their future management of the app, then what you have is a perfectly functioning trainer for an app that (on this hypothesis) will continue to function.

But trust/reliance in a company comes down to feelings as much as rational argument. My financial advisor says that to me all the time–I should take my feelings of conform and discomfort into account when I’m looking at investments :slight_smile: Same here–if you don’t trust Zwift to keep the app running for your Cog to work with, or you don’t like them because of how they handled the Hub situation, even after listening to other viewpoints, then yeah–the Kickr and another app seem like something to consider.

You can pretty much feel safe with the controllers. They are simple to drop ship to a customer unlike a trainer. They are a 10cm cube that weighs about a kilo which is cheap to ship.

Accessories are simple to sell for a company such as Zwift, the Play controllers or the Click are basically no different to a Zwift branded water bottle or sweat towel.

The hardest part would be making sure to keep the firmware updates coming and they have a pretty good system already in place for that.

I bought mine a little over a year ago for many of the same reasons as those that have already been posted here. It is disheartening to think that if I enjoy the Zwift platform, that in two years if new features are added that my trainer will not receive, that my only option would be to drop another couple hundred dollars to take advantage of them. Hopefully, Zwift and Wahoo can come up with a way to make their shared customers whole.

my Wahoo trainer hasn’t had a firmware update since October 2021… still works fine…

I have a tacx neo 1 it’s around 6 years old with at least 10k of riding to date , not seen or had to update its software to my knowledge stilling working a treat with Zwift latest platform