Virtual Shifting still coming? [May 28, 2024]

Anyone heard anything more on the whole wahoo /zwift virtual shifting for kickr v5 and earlier?

It all seems to have gone silent

Only Wahoo knows and they’re not talking

Hi @Mantis_Toboggan, welcome to Forums. This is Juan from Zwift. I understand how important it is for you to get updates about the virtual shifting feature for Wahoo trainers.

I’d like to suggest you stay tuned on Wahoo firmware notes release for Kickr V5. On the other hand, we have enthusiastic community members waiting for it. You can also periodically check other threads for updates from our community. I think this thread might be helpful for you. Take Care!

Zwift continues to work with Wahoo and other trainer partners to bring you Virtual Shifting via firmware updates. We do not have updates to announce right now - but we will when we’re able!

How about on screen gear indicators for KICKR BIKE and KICKR SHIFT?


Frankly it’s never going to happen on V5 unless Zwift push this priority thru Wahoo

I contacted Wahoo support recently and they clearly replied that
“it’s not something we are currently working on” and there is no timeline to do so.

Since you are engaged with Wahoo support, ask them to explain or update this document which says:

Perhaps something has changed since they wrote that. Zwift are already engaged with Wahoo and other trainer manufacturers to try to get more of them to support it.

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For v4/v5 they apparently tried and failed

I can’t understand this, core is a V4 on a different chassis,

I’ll be very disappointed if true, I bought play controllers in readiness for virtual shifting on my v5

Wahoo have finally replied to an old tweet (X) with the exact copy and paste comment.
Absolutely no reason to pay for the premium product when budget level stuff out specs it.

Have Zwift made the protocol so complicated that very few trainers in existence can adapt it?