KICKR v4 virtual shifting

Any update when the virtual steering will feed down to kicker V 5 V 4 if anyone has seen a date

Nothing yet. It’s waiting on Wahoo to issue a firmware update for those trainers.

EDIT: I assume you are talking about virtual shifting, not steering

Yes , sorry all , virtual shifting not steering :man_facepalming:t2:

I did mean virtual shifting as the v4/5 seem to have been forgotten about, wahoo only have to enable it like the other trainers


Wahoo mentions it coming for the Kickr v5/v4 in their FAQ page. But no date apart from we are working on it

I got in touch with wahoo and was told they couldn’t comment on virtual gears for V5
I asked if they had forgotten about us the answer was no we haven’t , just can’t comment at the moment