Kickr Core Firmware update available 01/2024

Wahoo seems to have published a new Firmware for the Kickr Core Trainer.
Details can be found on the Wahoo Website and the update is performed via the Wahoo app…

The release notes are quite short:
“Updated: optimizations and general improvements”

Have fund and Ride On!

I wonder if it includes auto calibration.

Read unproven comments about it on Reddit but could not find anything official.
Would be great though.

It would!

I installed it (it actually failed the first time I tried, so I had to try twice).

Didn’t notice anything, it definitely didn’t make me any faster :slight_smile:

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Probably they are going to add virtual shifting and 10hz soon
at least it makes sense now that Zwift hub classic is no longer available.

I do know something… but can’t share it unless Wahoo gives the go-ahead. Which I doubt they will. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for good news soon!


Glad it’s actually something interesting.

Hopefully it’s good news. It was discussed on Reddit because it was causing connection problems for the guy who posted about it. I’ll hold off on installing it until Wahoo tell us more and get it right.

I heard it adds virtual gears to work with Zwift Play and Click.

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On Reddit there are apparently some users with spindown problems after the update. Be aware to update!

it seems that possibility for in-game calibration is also gone after new fw update. Maybe auto-calibration in the future?

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Planned to have a 1h-ride during lunch break and just lost 1h45 troubleshooting what’s wrong (and still not fixed) after updating to 1.3.17… Resistance seems all wrong as even at 120rpm on the biggest gear (50x11!) I’m doing 60W… Seems to be linked to spindown calibration although several calibrations were done using both Wahoo app and Zwift on my computer with no help.

(I understood that 1.3.17 is supposedly bringing auto calibration therefore Zwift should not display the option anymore? Well it does here, for what it’s worth).

Of course, no option for firmware rollback. Thanks Wahoo, don’t know when my next Zwift session will be!

EDIT: after 2h30 (my longest lunch break ever, and still haven’t had lunch…) it seems I managed to fix it.
1/ I installed an older version of the Wahoo Android app from apkmirror ( to be precise) and used the hidden menu to re-apply firmware 1.3.17 (procedure kindly provided by @Tom_Hagler here: Wahoo Kickr Core 1.1.1 firmware issues - #5 by Tom_Hagler) (NOTE: cannot be done from more recent versions of the app)
2/ I immediately reset the KICKR CORE by unplugging the power cord for 30s as recommended on Wahoo’s website then re-plugging it (
3/ I used the same hidden menu from the old Wahoo Android app (NOTE: can be done from more modern versions of the app as well) to perform a factory spindown (not the same as a “standard” spindown as this one requests warming up the CORE for 3mins before running you through 2 consecutive spindowns). I got some results at then end: 1st spindown was something around 27s, the 2nd one around 2.9s… So yeah, the firmware upgrade definitely ruined the spindown such that a standard calibration (several actually) did not solve the issue…

Quickly had a 2-min workout (ERG ON) and a 1-min paced group ride and it seemed fine, will have to give it a longer try later though.

Obviously I’m not sure all these steps were necessary and maybe a factory spindown from the latest Wahoo Android app would have been enough, but at least you have all the details of which seems to have worked for me.


That’s not a sign that something is wrong, but a normal factory spin down result.

First part of a factory spin down is like a normal spin down.
During the second part the trainer tests the braking/resistance function. That’s why this spin down is so short.

I had problems with the normal spindown, too.
It failed.
After doing a factory spin down (two spin downs, one without brake, one with brake) and then another, standard spin down., everything seems normal and is working as expected.

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Thanks for sharing.

Is standard spindown really required after factory spindown? (I mean I don’t mind and would be glad to do it, just being curious)

That’s how I did it.

You should do a standard spin down from time to time

Virtual Shifting :tada:


Oh boy yessss!

No wonder that they are testing it already. The question is when normal people will be able to use it as well :grinning:

Nice to see it’s coming to the kickr core.