Wahoo Kickr Core 1.1.1 firmware issues

Since upgrading the firmware of my Wahoo Kickr Core to 1.1.1, it doesn’t work right with Zwift (Macbook pro)anymore. Spinning out on steep hills, high resistance on flats etc…downgrading firmware solved the problem.

I have the same issue (separate post recently) I thought it may be a Zwift bug…

How did you downgrade the KICKR software?

yes, must be a Zwift issue. Rouvy working fine…open the wahoo app and go to your kickr sensor page. then tap the kickr logo 10 times and select last years firmware (below the beta firmwares…)

Hmmmm! That doesn’t seem to work on my iPhone Wahoo app. Can you supply more information, please. This has been sending me crazy!

click the logo 10 times until firmware appears…then click firmware and select old one -->update


Thank you Tom! Got there in the end, thanks for the help :smiley:

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let me know if it solved the issue for you as well. but Zwift needs to do something about this…can’t use old firmware all the time…

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I will Tom. Going backwards to go forwards isn’t a solution :pensive:

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everything was normal using Windows 10 and ANT+, is this only a Mac issue or a bluetooth issue?

@Martin_Lowe I just experimented a bit. Upgraded again to 1.1.1 - same issues, wrong resistance.

Found a solution: Quit the Zwift app, shut off bluetooth. Started Zwift again. Of course no sensors found. Activated bluetooth on my macbook, wait until sensors found. Start riding. Everything working fine - even with 1.1.1 – hmmmm :thinking: Also: connecting my Kickr via bluetooth/Zwift App on the phone - no issues…

I’ve read you’re using Apple TV - maybe try the quit app/shut off-on bluetooth trick as well?

You could be right…might be a Mac issue…but I think mainly bluetooth related since the 1.1.1. firmware update only introduced Bluetooth FTMS support…

Yes, I’m on ATV. That sounds interesting and also confusing.

I’ll have a go and report back the results. So it’s possibly an ATV/iOS related issue with app?

Either way, the customer shouldn’t have to find the solution. So weary with these issues :pensive:

Tom, back grading the Wahoo firmware resolved the issue.

I tried your alternative solution, but I couldn’t get 1.1.1 to work on ATV following your suggestion, so went back again to the older firmware.

Maybe it’ll get mended in a future update.

So an iOS/Zwift incompatibility?

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Good to hear! I hope they fix this…downgrading should not be a solution…

Same issue here on ATV. I’ve updated the firmware today and went for a ride on Alpe. Resistance felt totally wrong. I could barely keep a decent cadence, even on the lowest gears. Also the trainer heated up a lot, which isn’t normal.
First i thought it was just a bad day for my legs, but then checked the data from previous climbs and it’s clear that something was wrong. Also the zwift app crashed before i start the descending. Resumed 3 times, 3 crashes.
Going back to previous firmware.
Zwift please fix your app.

Win 10 PC, went back on Bluetooth 2 weeks ago and have been up Alpe de Zwift twice (vs 12 in 2.5 years) on the 1.1.1 firmware and everything seems fine, as does my normal haunt in the desert. Was using ANT+ due to packet loss on BT (thx Tron dimming) but a change of cable has mostly fixed this (1 drop today half way up the Alpe, 1st I’ve noticed in 2 weeks of looking for issues)
Good Luck getting the ATV issue sorted out.

I also performed the firmware update, problems encountered after the update:

  1. Very unstable BT connection to Zwift on Windows 10 64 bit platform
  2. No BT or ANT+ connectivity to my Garmin

I did not bother to try the connection to Xert on my mobile device.

I rolled back to the previous version (Ver 1.0.13), and immediately the problems went away.

Save yourself frustrations and don’t do the 1.1.1 revision update.


I wonder why only a few users seem to experience this. I also contacted Wahoo and sent them the link to this thread. Lets hope Zwift fixes this soon as it seems to be a Zwift problem?! Rouvy working fine…

Zwift released a new version two days ago. Did anyone try it with 1.1.1?

I’m also seeing this disconnection issue on Kickr Core firmware v.1.1.1.

It has the same symptoms as reported above, namely disconnects on spinning fast on uphill or even on flats. Recently, it has been disconnecting randomly at other times too. Each time, I have to get off the bike, switch off the Kickr Core, wait a few seconds, and switch it back on and wait again for it to be connected back to Zwift. Sometimes, I have to repeat this process numerous times for it to get re-connected, and its very disruptive to the workout. Recently it’s been happening 2-3 times in a riding session!

I was just about getting fed up and about to open a support ticket with Wahoo. Since Zwift is unusable with Macs right now (Game v.1.0.25 bug since 7/19), I’ve been using Wahoo’s own app to do a partial workout. I can spin fast, slow, it doesn’t matter, it never disconnects! Now I’m fully convinced that this is a bug on Zwift’s side. Zwift should fix this! Especially considering Wahoo is one of their premier recommended trainers.