Zwifting resistance problems

I have had trouble trying to keep my trainer resistance correct for over a month. I have done spin downs until I can do the process in my sleep. I have updated every app I use, my Apple TV. I have deleted and reinstalled the Zwift app, I have done everything I know to do. There doesn’t seem to be anyone at Zwift that has or does tech support but this is a real issue. I know I can’t be the only one. My trainer adds resistance in places where it shows 0 grade increases constantly. I even switched to my girlfriends trainer to see if it was any better, same result. I called wahoo and they say the trainer is working properly. Can anyone point me in a direction that will help? Zwift is about to lose a long time customer and supporter over this nonsense.

Hi @Thomas_Lerch_Team_Ty, welcome to the forums.

Try rolling back the firmware on your kickr, see this thread:

How to downgrade the firmware:

Thanks for the info!