Wahoo KICKR reversed gradient [October 2021]

I’m having this problem too. Glad a fix is being worked on. The workarounds haven’t really worked for me and it’s making Zwift unusable.

To me, it seems more like the resistance is coming way too late. It feels like my avatar is at point A and the resistance is at point A minus ~2km.

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I am also experiencing a similar problem. Wahoo Kickr Core and Apple TV 4K. In free ride there appears to be a lag in the resistance when going uphill. Might take 30 seconds for the resistance of the trainer to change.

In workouts there is a lag in resistance (ERG mode) moving from one interval to the next of about 30-45 seconds.

One workaround I have found is to start a training session, end the ride after a couple of seconds and then start it again. This seems to fix the problem, but not ideal.

I am having exactly the same issues and it is very frustrating. Spent the money to buy a wahoo kickr and climb and the resistance is not matching the course at all. This is extremely annoying in races as you lose the group you are riding with when you trainer suddenly increases the resistance as if you are going uphill when the course is going downhill.It feels like my kickr is riding on a different course then is shown on my iPad. I hope there will be a fix soon.

@shooj: Is there a timeline for the fix? It’s been more than two weeks since this issue has been reported and it makes Zwift sadly unusable.


Hi all,

Glad to hear I‘m not on my own with this issue. Since a few weeks I have the same problem with the reversed gradients. It appears in free ride mode as well as in races/events. Also in the flats with 0% the resistant feels really tough.
I am riding on a Wahoo KickrV5. Since the problem appeared, Zwift is absolutely unusable for me. Hopefully the problem will ne fixed quickly, at the moment I am paying for Zwift but I cannot use it. Frustrating…

I made a cross check using GTR Cycling App, everything works well.

Hi all,

Just want to give an quick uodate on this topic.
I was able to fix the mentioned problem with my Kickr and the reversede gradients in Zwift. Yeah!!
A downgrade of my Kicker´s firmware to version 4.1.2. solved it!
Everything is working well and smooth again. :grinning: :heart_eyes:


Me too! I went back two releases for the Core and its perfect.
Now I just have to fix my HR monitor!

Just as an FYI, downgrading firmware removes the factory spin down calibration, so your power will be off until you do an advanced spin down post firmware downgrade. Mine went off by ~25 watts.

Has anyone seen any improvement with the last wahoo and zwift updates? I haven’t and I’m considering cancelling my Zwift account because this has been going on so long.


Nope. Still not working. Seriously considering to cancel my subscription, because this is BS

Help! Just updated both Kickr Cores to the latest firmware update and guess I should have read this forum first but having issues with lagging response and gradient reversal making a Zwift workout really weird. Have seen responses on downgrading firmware - how is that done? Thanks for any help!

On the wahoo app, go to sensors, click on Kickr Core and repeatedly click on the trainer icon until “Firmware” pops on the list of menu items. Then click on it, select firmware 1.0.13. As far as I know, that’s the version that doesn’t have gradient change issues. Good luck!

Thank you!!!

Thanks guys - just been having the same issue for the last 2 days (did the firmware update last week)

Reverted back to the older version and done a spindown, hopefully all will be well when I ride again tomorrow.

Yesterday my Kickr Climb started stopping at any climb > 5% while it works perfectly in manual mode and from the Wahoo app itself. Anytime the climb on Zwift goes above 5% it seems to lock out the Climb and the Climb starts clicking loudly. I’m on the latest firmware (was on the old firmware when it started) and after troubleshooting with Wahoo we’ve determined it’s a Zwift issue. No other issues with any other apps.

Have a case open with Zwift and sent log files but have no idea what I’m looking at, LOL.

That worked for me! Kickr Core/Macbook Pro. Downgrading Kickr firmware from 1.1.3 to 1.0.13 (tricky to get to the firmware selection screen). Did my Test ERG workout… alternating intervals of 30 seconds 100 watts, then 200 watts. Perfect response through the banners

I tried the suggested solution above and could get to the point of selecting an older firmware but oldest I have is 3.4.71 (just updated to 3.5.2)… Any idea on how to roll back to such an old firmware

I think kickr and kickr core have different firmware numbering. 1.0.13 is stable firmware for kickr core, not sure about the kickr.

Just to clarify for some people that this issue of reverse gradient difficulty is not linked to changing the difficulty setting in Zwift. I always leave it on approx 50%. I’ve only noticed the issue in the last few weeks; before upgrading my Kickr mk5 to the latest firmware. Maybe it is linked to the previous version of the firmware. I’m not sure.
I also think it seems linked to my other problem where the u-turn facility does not work but Zwift support have got them down as separate known issues that they are working on.