Wahoo Kickr Core + MacBook Pro - doesn't change the resistance in ERG mode


I’ve been using Zwift with my Wahoo Kickr Core and Macbook Pro connected via BT.
I have created a few personalized workouts but have problems with them. It turns out that Zwift doesn’t change the resistance in ERG mode. It happens randomly (during first change of FTP in a workout, or sometimes later, it happens when resistance should be increased but also when should decrease).
I’ve read that it may be affected by interference with other devices. But I have turned them off as well as other apps (wahoo Rouvy etc.). I even turned off my Garmin Fenix 6. I use only Kickr, Macbook and Garmin HRM Dual belt (also via BT).

Any idea what I should do to avoid this disappointing issues during workouts? I must add it all works fine with Rouvy so I don’t think it is related to the trainer or Macbook…

What firmware is on your Kickr Core? Lots of people have had issues until they downgraded their firmware from 1.1.xx to 1.0.xx. There are several threads on this.

I removed wahoo app today to avoid potential interference with zwift. Should i install it again? And how to downgrade the version???

See Wahoo Kickr Core 1.1.1 firmware issues - #5 by Tom_Hagler

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OK. I have downgraded the frimware. It seems that resistance changes properly. But now the issue is loss of signal. Out of a sudden my connection is stopped and I have to turn off the trainer, turn on again and pair. It is very annoying during workout…

Any idea what could cause this problem?