Kickr Core Firmware update available 01/2024

I hope that with virtual shifting also comes 10hz bluetooth like the Hub has got because its a game changer for racing

You’re a godsend i think. Have the exact same scenario, updated to newest firmware, did spindown and now my previous zone 1 is my new zone 3. I wanted to cry honestly.

I found an android phone from 7 years ago somewhere in my house, downloaded the apk from the ads infested apk mirror and reapplied the update and did a factory spindown, still seems fine, I only had 30 seconds of testing since I gotta go for now, but later today I will attempt to do my workout again and see how it goes. btw, did it work out for you in the end?

Glad it helped!

Unfortunately I couldn’t test more so far but plan on doing so during the weekend. Will keep this thread updated, do not hesitate to do the same.


Never mind it doesn’t work. Still really hard to hold my Zone2 effort. I don’t know what to do, I wish this update wasnt done. As it looks right now, I will have to buy a new one…

I’ve contacted Wahoo’s support and requested them to provide a procedure for firmware rollback and here’s their answer:

"Thanks for reaching out to Wahoo Fitness Support. Unfortunately, we cannot provide firmware downgrades, but we would be happy to help diagnose the issue.

First, I’d like you to try a full reset on your KICKR. This is done by unpairing the KICKR from every bluetooth app and device that it has been connected to, and then turning off all bluetooth devices in the same room as the KICKR. Next, unplug the KICKR for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Ensure that the bluetooth light is flashing (not solid). Once this is done, power on a single device which you wish to use with the KICKR, and pair it exclusively in the Wahoo Fitness app (or whichever app you plan to use it with)."

Haven’t tried as I’m yet to assess whether my own experimental procedure worked but you can have a try.

Currently in a chat with support, they said the same thing:

Let’s go ahead and unpair the KICKR from any devices and 3rd party apps, including Wahoo Fitness, Zwift, etc. Unpair any other devices in the room as well, and move them outside your room. Make sure to force close ALL apps on your phone and any other devices. Unplug the trainer for 30 seconds, plug the trainer back in, and ONLY pair the trainer to the Wahoo Fitness App on your iPhone. From there go ahead and perform a factory spindown.

I haven’t done it this way but I am really skepitcal about it. I might try later, but tomorrow I will have a replacement trainer borrowed from someone and that will be it for a while as spring is coming and I will not be cooped up in my garage so much anymore. Support wants to open a ticket with me so guess it’s a dead end for now. If anything new emerges I will update the info here.

Thanks, will do the same as I’m not planning on borrowing/buying a new trainer…

The “good news coming soon” which Eric Schlange mentioned above… :slight_smile:

I haven’t followed everything but find it weird to have the Zwift Hub and now this, on the same segment.


Wahoo KICKR Core Firmware Update Delivers Auto Calibration, Virtual Shifting

There is definitely a calibration issue with this firmware update. After doing the update, I tried to do a calibration spindown in the Wahoo app and the resistance was so difficult I couldn’t even reach the target 22mph or whatever it is and the spindown failed. I’m guessing this is maybe connected to the issues others have reported of their wattage being way down after the firmware update. I did a second attempt at a spindown and it seemed to go OK, but I’ve noticed that since then my wattage is now artificially high (either that or my ftp and max power both increased 10% overnight). I have also noticed that my wattage is “sticking” after I stop pedaling - my avatar continues to pedal and the wattage on Zwift will stay around 20-30w for about 15 seconds.

Going to try the factory spindown method today and hopefully that helps fix the issue for me, but Wahoo needs to address this.

Quick update: I have managed to ride a full hour yesterday and the issue seems fixed for me.

Again, I am not sure all these steps were required but for the sake of clarity you know everything I did and in which order.

PD: the calibration wrench icon still shows on Zwift device pairing screen :man_shrugging:t2:

Good luck people!

So, do you guys still have the calibration wrench icon in Zwift after updating the KICKR CORE firmware to 1.3.17?

I do while I read here and there that with auto calibration being included in that firmware version, the Zwift wrench icon should be gone.