Wahoo Kickr Core calibration - does it work?


After the recent Wahoo Kickr Core software update the trainer is showing inflated watts. Before the update I did a calibration of the trainer in Zwift and the watts differed from the readings of the power meter (Fassioma Duo) by about 2% (Sometimes minimally more sometimes less). If I did not do this calibration the differences were greater - sometimes around 7-8%.
After the update I do not have the possibility to do the calibration in Zwift and I have differences of 7-8% today even 10% from 20 minutes.
According to the description the calibration is now automatic but is it really done?


Have you done a spin down from the app on your smart phone (outside of Zwift)? I’d also recommend warming up the trainer by spinner for 10-15 minutes. When I got my first Kickr Core I compared it to dual-side PowerTap P2 pedals and the wattage was pretty close after calibration.

I do find that for the first 10 minutes or so of riding that things feel like they need to warm up. Especially now that I’ve switched to virtual shifting. I feel I have to pedal harder than the watts really read (it couldn’t be that I’m getting older :wink: ). So, I start my rides by following a yellow robo pacer for a while. Then I join the real ride/event and all is good.

I tried it once in an app, but I don’t remember the result ;-))))
I will try it tomorrow.
Only “supposedly” the calibration should now do itself.