Kickr Core - Seems harder after a spindown

Hi, everyone.

I’ve got a Kickr Core and have been training five times a week with my fitness gradually increasing since the start of the year.

I know Wahoo recommends doing a spindown every couple of weeks for the best accuracy but I rarely do one.

I decided I should probably do one last night (using the Wahoo app), so I did, and now it seems quite a bit harder in Zwift. I don’t know if it’s all in my head, but I’m almost certain I’m not holding the same numbers as before.

My cousin has a Kickr Core too and religiously does spindowns. His experience is that it tends to make it feel slightly easier, if anything at all.

What are your experiences with calibration on the Kickr and Kickr Core? Do you find it harder, easier, or just the same?

Thanks very much,

Are you doing the calibration via the Wahoo app? Don’t use Zwift to do the calibration.


Sure am. I’ve never used Zwift to calibrate

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My Core definitely reads high after it warms up, at least relative to my Favero Assiomas. At least mine needs a spindown if accuracy matters. It’s more noticeable in Zwift than some other apps (e.g. Rouvy); not sure why.