No spindown before I start ride

So I just got my first smart trainer (wahoo  Kickr). I was trying one out at my friends house and liked it so I got one. I remembered that before every ride I had to spindown. I’ve only done this once with my kckr and zwift. I did the spindown with the wahoo app but that’s it. What am I doing wrong or do I have to be in the monthly membership? 


What are you asking?


You don’t have to do a spin down every day. Do it whenever you like.

I was using one at my friends house where other riders used it as well on other days and every time I used the same trainer with sift I had to spindown. Would t be because other riders were using it as well? Spindown is the same as calibrating, correct?

So now hat I have my own, I don’t have to spindown because it’s calibrated to me? Do I have to spindown once a week or so?

The trainer is not calibrated to a particular rider.  Wahoo Fitness recommends performing a spindown every 2 weeks or after transporting the trainer to a new location.

As for terminology, you might see the following used interchangeably:  spindown, calibration, zero offset.


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i like you have just bought a kickr (snap) after using an old manual adjust type for about 3 months.

when i first paired with ZWIFT i didn’t get the wrench icon. It was only after a few attempts at pairing did the wrench. now it’s there i run the calibration every few days. 

i don’t know whether it is just me but the power level required to get around a course seems to change every time i do the calibration. i adjusted the wheel clamp mechanism the other day by half a turn back and it seemed to make things a lot easier on the Hilly route. i thought the calibration would have brought it back to a similar effort level. 

Hi Alan, the Kickr Snap is different from the Kickr mentioned above.  Wahoo Fitness recommends calibrating the Kickr Snap before each ride.

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Can I do the calibration within Zwift? I’d like to include the 10 minute warmup and the spindown in my ride. Or do I have to ride inside the Wahoo app for 10 minutes, do the spindown, then start the Zwift ride? I’m oddly conservative about my minutes. -Jim

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>> do I have to ride inside the Wahoo app for 10 minutes…
The warm-up doesn’t really have to be within a particular app.  You could ride for 10 minutes with no app running and then launch an app to do the calibration.  The 10 minutes is just to get things warmed up.

You could try the calibration within Zwift if you have the wrench icon on the pairing screen next to the Power Source.  You could ride in Zwift for 10 minutes, then calibrate through the pairing screen, then continue riding.  Some people ride for 10 minutes in Zwift, but then unpair the trainer from Zwift, jump over to the Wahoo Fitness app [or Rouvy, for example, for Cycleops trainers] to do a calibration, then back to Zwift to repair the trainer and continue riding.

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