Wahoo Kickr snap 17 spindown?


Bought a Wahoo Kickr Snap 17 a couple a weeks ago and I am amazed how fun it is to ride in the Zwift world. However I want the unit to have so much accuracy in my training as possible.  How do you handle the spindown down in/before your training session/races.

Do you connect it to Whahoo fitness, ride for 10 minutes, then make a spindown in Wahoos app, and when it is done log in on Zwift and start your training?
Or do you ride in Zwift for 10 minutes then connect it with Whahoo Fitness and make a spinndown, and when it is done go back to Zwift?
Or do you ride for 10 min in Zwift and then go to the pairing menu to do Zwifts own spinndown?

What is the best proccedure? No, bro science please. Want some accurate info :-).

I also bought a ANT+ USB antenna from Taxc so I did not have to connect through Android on my Phone. But when I only run the PC with the ANT+ antenna the spinndown in Zwift is gone/missing. Why?
Is it not possible with ANT+?

Grateful for some answers



Personally, I just spin-down with the Wahoo app every so often - all works as it should  :slight_smile:

Re. the Zwift ‘spanner’ Zwift spin-down, have you got the FE-C version of your trainer enabled?

I personally don’t spin down every time.  Spin down is for temp changes and wheel tension.  Since most have their kicker in the same area.  The temp is usually kept the same.  Also, if you don’t release the tension, nothing really changes.  Only after some tire air loss and such.  When I do feel it needs to be calibrated.  I load up Zwift.  Ride for 10 minutes.  I stay in Zwift.  Disconnect trainer and cadence sensor in pairing screen.  Log in using Wahoo ap.  Perform spin down.  If spin down seconds are under 15 but above 10 seconds, I leave it.  Re-pair into Zwift using FE- C version.  FE-C version seems to cure watt drop out issues.  If I am over 15 seconds.  I tighten half a turn.  If under 10 seconds, rare, I loosen.  Periodically, I check my tire psi.

I don’t feel the need to do this everyday I am on the bike.  Just when something does not feel right.

It’s also a good idea to reboot phone after pairing.  So no chance of conflict.

I also don’t trust the in game spin down as it does not yet show how many seconds it took to spin down.  My 2 cents.