Spin down Wahoo Kikr Snap

I have a 2017 Kickr Snap. I just started using it. I joined Zwift a week or so ago. When I start up zwift and my Kickr connects, There is a wrench next to it. I click on the wrench and it takes me into a screen for a spin down. I click next and it says pedal up to 23mpg. after I start pedaling the output reading says 0mph and doesn’t change or increase, it just stays stuck at 0. I’ve tried rebooting and restarting everything and making sure all the software is up to date. Just keeps reading 0. Other than that the game seems to work okay. I have successfully done a spin down in the wahoo utility app. Is doing this that same thing? Do I need to get the spin down in the game to work?

If you do a spindown in the Wahoo app you don’t need to do one within Zwift.

BTW, you are doing the spindown after warming up your trainer and tyre for about 10 minutes?


I’ve had the same problem with my Kickr 18. I pedal up to the required speed, let it spin down, but it never gets below 2-3 mph, even though the flywheel is completely stationary.

I gave up on using Zwift to do the spindown and just use the Wahoo app.

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have you tried it a second time? this happens to me occasionally (kickr snap '17), but a second spin down always works.

also, you definitely need to wait until 10 mins in to spin down – just feel the tire at 10 mins and you’ll see why.

Thanks, I will use the wahoo app. I have not been waiting 10 minutes. Can you explain what the warm up does?

Yes, I’ve tried several times in a row. I’ll just use the wahoo app. I’ve read that I need a 10 minute warm up, but don’t know the purpose. Thanks.

Mine does the same! Sits at a couple of km/h even when the wheel is completely stopped.

I found that I got inconsistent results using the Zwift spindown. I now always use the Wahoo app.

the tire literally heats up and probably becomes more “grippy”. i think the air in the tire warms up, too, so the PSI likely changes, too. if you calibrate on a cold tire, the physical changes that happen when the tire is warmer will modify how the power is being read.

it’s probably not a huge deal, but if you feel that tire, you’ll see that it actually does warm up and “feel” different.

Great, that answers my question. I like to understanding why I’m doing something and now I do.