Kickr Snap 2017 Spindown

(Aaron Mc Cormack (C)) #1

Hi everyone - I am wrestling with some of the same issues others are seeing with ERG mode and unreliable resistance.
I am on a Kickr Snap 2017. I noticed the following little gem on their support site.

This says spindown no longer works on the 2017 Snap (although it does on prior versions) and that the old method of resistance trial and error is the only way to get accurate power from the unit.
It suggests any of us with a Wahoo Snap 2017 are wasting our time using the spindown capability in Zwift…does anyone else have a view or experience with this please?

(Steve Wreschnig WBR) #2

I asked Wahoo about this (having a 2017 Snap). My two questions were:

To calibrate a 2017 Kickr Snap should tire pressure be 110 psi per the video or the recommended tire pressure on the sidewall as stated on your site.

…and what’s this about ignoring spindown times and roller adjustment. Do you just pump up the tire and turn the knob twice for calibration??? very confusing
to everyone.

Their very prompt response was:

Thank you for reaching out. You should pump up the tire to 110 PSI before installing on the Snap. As far as ignoring spindown times on the first generation of Snaps there were recommended spindown times but due to improvements in the 2017 the same protocol doesn’t apply. Once you got the tire pumped up and the two full turns once it touches the tire it should be good. I do want to make sure you saw this link about completing spindowns on our support site:

(Aaron Mc Cormack (C)) #3

Thank you Steve! I sent Wahoo a ticket as well yesterday and am awaiting a response :slight_smile:
I am confused as to whether the whole spindown is a waste of time, or just the advice on the timing. I am also getting more common spindown failures when i try to use the Zwift spindown function, and the power on the Wahoo is running consistently 15% below actual, so an accurate spindown is important if we don’t want to be spending hours twiddling the resistance knob to get things aligned. I’ll post Wahoo’s response when i get it. Cheers A

(Bhaltair Gruamach [DIRT]) #4

I also asked Wahoo about spindown times, and they told me the same thing: Doesn’t apply to the newer Snaps.

You may also read about an “Advanced Spin-down” for Snaps. This doesn’t exist any longer, so don’t worry about that either.

I’ve also tried performing the spin-down through Zwift and found that it was not accurate. Displayed power was very low after the Zwift spin-down.

(เรย์ Ray C เรย์) #5

The spin down time is not applicable to the newer Kickr SNAP '17 which is the trainer I have.

That said, I still use it to gauge the amount of the turn of the blue knob because the recommended 2 turn does not work out too well for me. The Kickr SNAP would underreport the power, by a significant amount compare to my 4iiii crank arm power meter, with all variables taken into account.

To get the power output from the Kickr to an acceptable range, and consistently from ride to ride, I would warm up for 10 mins and get the spindown time somewhere between 13-14 seconds. This takes turning the blue knob 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 turns from tire contact. I’m using the blue Tacx training tire, pressure at 110.